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All Dressed Up & Ready To Go

Madison Westlake, Grace Warren, and Megan Winters pause for a photo during House Colours Day

Last week marked the first Spirit Week of the 2018-19 school year for St. Joseph’s High School. Each day of the week was marked with different themes the students dressed up for while Friday was celebrated with daytime activities followed by a school dance in the evening. Spirit Week is focused upon bringing students together as well as helping everyone settle into the new school year. Continue reading “All Dressed Up & Ready To Go”

OnTrac Renfrew Hosts Student Hiring Event


The very first PA day of the 2018/2019 school year provided an excellent opportunity for OnTrac Renfrew to host a “student hiring event”, where professionals showed students how to make an effective resume, along with giving tips and tricks on how to make a good first impression, how to manage both school and home life, among other things that would assist a student in a working environment.

While this event was taking place, Jag Media had a chance to interview Laura Garbuio, a job developer for OnTrac Renfrew. She gave an abundance of helpful advice, including how you can manage your time with the assistance of your workplace.

“Asking if a schedule can be provided maybe a month in advance can be helpful, so you can sit down and see, ‘can I meet these shifts?’ ‘Is there something I need to juggle?’” She advised Friday. “Communication with your employer is always important, especially if you’re handling sports and a social life and anything else that might come up. Communication with the employer in terms of certain days where you know you’ll be gone and they can also provide you with a schedule.”

In addition, Garbuio provided Jag Media with some helpful tips on creating an effective resume. “Making sure that [your resume] is clear, making sure that the font isn’t too big or too small, essentially finding that happy medium, and making sure that there are sections. Often the first section is objectives, so for example, ‘I’m a hard worker ready to commit’ is an objective. This lets the employer know a bit about who you are.” These are all great ways to make an employer consider you as someone worth hiring.

When it comes to finding the first job, many students struggle, frantically searching online job platforms and asking friends and family members if they have suggestions. Applying to a job is no easy task either. But OnTrac, open 8:30am-4pm from Monday to Friday, is here to assist in these difficult tasks. Call 613-432-3424  or visit for more information.

Is Homework a Good Thing?

An Opinion Piece by Blair Nesbitt


According to, working on homework after school helps students can develop a unique study pattern that tailors to their individual needs.

Since school started, homework has been a thing. You go home, do the assigned work. You finish it and get to relax or move on to the next task. There is a bit of a debate as to whether homework is a productive, positive thing for the student, or if it is a waste of time.

My personal opinion may not matter much. It might be biased as well, seeing as I am new to the workload that never leaves you. Though I think that it’s a good thing, I believe that homework helps me progress and is an alternative form of studying.

My second-period French teacher has always had a philosophy. “You need to use the information 5 times to take it in,” she states. “This is not taking a picture and reading off your phone.”  It’s not like she doesn’t like phones, because she does approve of their responsible use. But while she sees the possible merits, she doesn’t believe it’s the right way to go about learning things. In her mind, the best way to learn a topic would be reading about it and taking notes, hearing somebody talking about it, you yourself talking about it, or writing about it. I have to say that I agree completely.

For the sake of argument, let’s say students hear information on a fairly regular basis, say three times before it’s pushed off the front page by something else. Firstly, we hear somebody talk about it. Secondly, we take notes. Finally, we take those notes and do a couple questions. Now, that’s three times, whereas one may need five times, according to my wise French teacher, to process and take in information.

This gives the opportunity for homework to provide the other two times required by this theory, specifically by answering some more content-related questions at home, then studying them throughout the week or two before the test.

I consider myself a prepared person, not organized but prepared. Therefore preparation is something that’s very important and valuable to me. So homework, in my mind, only helps me take in the information that I hear the teacher talk, write, or read about.

That’s my opinion, and I’m sure others have opinions too. I do know this for certain though;  the more time you spend on a topic, however you’re engaging with it, the better degree of understanding that you’ll have for it.


20180911_142609St. Joseph’s High School started the 2018-19 school year off with a new upgrade to the school; a pristine gymnasium floor! The new flooring has the classic look of a hardwood floor, but with a more ergonomic design which will help lessen sport-related injuries on the student’s joints.

“I’m ecstatic to get in there and get going with my gym classes. It won’t just impact Phys Ed classes but it will also benefit the community.” shared Ryan McIntyre, a teacher at SJHS, when asked what his opinion was on the new flooring.

The floor will benefit every student in the school, as well as the community through the numerous clubs and teams that use the space. The improvements don’t stop there though; a new logo will be placed in the centre as well as the bold name, Jaguars, at either end of the gym… a great way to sport St. Joseph’s pride!

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