On Wednesday, October 10th, 2018, grade 8 students at Saint Joseph’s Catholic High School traveled to Shaw Woods Outdoor Education Centre. They were involved in the “Reach Program” which showed them different leadership and group work skills. They were also involved in a number of activities that helped them with these skills.

When the students got there they were arranged into several equal groups, each had its own colour and each had 2 group leaders. The group leaders were all grade 11 students from SJHS, and they were in charge of showing the grade 8 students where to go, and watched over them. They also helped with the activities and making sure the kids understood what was happening.

Grade 8 student Tiara Guyea states, “ My favourite activity was a teamwork game, where we had to have everyone but one person pull a rope that was wrapped around a tree. On a rock in the middle of the rope was a ball, while the group is pulling the rope tight the one person has to pull themselves towards the ball without touching the ground. When he or she reaches the ball they had to grab it and make it back with the ball, which is how the team would win.”