Image result for canned goodsOctober 3 to October 12, St. Joseph Catholic High School students once again have done a food drive for the local food bank.  

This had been done by bringing non-perishable food items to the school and giving them to the first period teacher so the teacher could give them into the donation box.  This is done to show the kindness from our school to the community.

I asked guidance counselor Mrs. Pender and principal Mr. Trainor  about what they think the outcome would be on donating all this food to the local food bank would be.

“Donating non-perishable and other household goods is beneficial because these items will help others who are likely in greater need than ourselves.  Often we take for granted all the luxuries we have…and forget that some families can’t afford the basic necessities. In addition, donating something like a box of chocolate bars or some higher quality toiletries is often overlooked, but important.”  stated Mrs.Pender

We are very surprised on how much was raised and we all send a big thank you for those who did choose to donate.

“With this great of an outcome, we are glad to say SJHS students and staff did this.  This is done every year before the Thanksgiving holidays and all donations go to the local food drive.”  said Mr.Trainor

All of the donations were non-perishable items and other household goods, all for those who don’t have enough money to buy such things.