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The Renfrew Timberwolves

On Friday, November 10th, at 8:00 pm, the Renfrew Junior B Timberwolves hit the ice in a game hosting the Alexandria Glens at the Mateway Activity centre. This was the first game the boys played since the tragic accident that occurred on October 27th, taking the lives of two players and severely injuring two others. This game was be in honour of #65, Brandon Hanniman, an RCI student, and #88, Alex Paquette, a St. Joe’s student. The other boys in the accident, Ben Scheuneman and Jake McGrimmon were not playing.

The game entry cost $8.00 for an adult, and $5 for any student and senior to get in. All proceeds went towards the Scheuneman family, which totaled to around $10,000. Jerseys #65 and #88 were raised in honour of Hanniman and Paquette.

“The boys stood around the painted numbers in their unity circle. The hall was open upstairs for the reception,” said the team. “This is a Celebration of Life for the boys.”


Balloons Released in Honour of Alex Paquette and Brandon Hanniman

Students of SJHS came together last friday on the soccer field to let balloons go to honour Alex Paquette and Brandon Hanniman, who passed away in a tragic car crash on October 27, 2017. The students filled the balloons with their favourite memories with the boys. The balloons were blue and yellow, the colors of the Renfrew Timberwolves Junior B hockey team.

Both of the boys played on the team and later that evening there was a game in Brandon and Alex’s name. The boys have their initials marked on the ice as well as their numbers. Before the game started they played a song for both of the boys,

Every seat in the arena was taken on Friday. People were also standing along the glass, and upstairs. They raised over $10,000 and all proceeds were being donated to the Scheuneman family to help Ben, who is in the hospital recovering. Jacob McGrimmon is doing well and at home.

Ms. Brown and Ms. Charbonneau Host Halloween Party!

On Friday October 27th, Ms. Brown and Ms. Charbonneau hosted a Halloween party with Ms. O’Gorman’s students.

The party was celebrated during first period in the cafeteria. Ms. Brown and Ms. Charbonneau’s tenth grade religion students were put into groups with Ms. O’Gorman’s and even some members from L’Arche Arnprior. They carved pumpkins brought by students and ate baked goods and is ther treats, all made and donated by the students and teachers.

The event was organized by Ms. Brown, whose class has been learning about inclusivity. Ms. Brown hopes to encourage her students to become more inclusive around school and in their lives.

One student in Ms. Brown’s class, Trinity Berube, says, “It was really fun, and I’m looking forward to doing it again at Christmas.”

Everyone worked hard on the pumpkins, which were taken home by the L’Arche members and Ms. O’Gorman’s students. Every person there had a blast. Ms. Brown hopes to repeat this at Christmas time, and we’re sure it’ll be just as much of a success as today!

What Does It Mean To Be A Jag?

Miss Brown’s grade 10 religion class is hard at work on yet another project! This time, the students were split up into groups and were tasked with creating a video on what they think it means to be a Jag. The main purpose of this assignment was for the students to discover more about the culture here at St. Joes’ High School.

All of the students have chosen to go above and beyond the expectations of the project and branch out into the school environment, inviting students and staff of all ages to participate in the videos.

“I loved getting the chance to make something like this,” said Trinity Berube, a student in Miss Brown’s class, “When I started to ask people what does it mean to be a jag, the first response from everyone was how inclusive we are and how they feel like they are a part of a family!”

When asked about the responses from the other groups, many of the students said that they had received the same answer. This class is full of spirited jags who loved the idea of this video. They found it easy to describe our culture at SJHS because of how inclusive it is. We stand for acceptance and equality, which is just what these videos portray.

All the students involved have been coming up with new and creative ways to create their video especially by linking it to their own life at school. No one had any problem as they feel comfortable and proud being a Jag!

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