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IMG_3875When you’re Sierra Badgley, living with pain is something you just kinda have to get used to, since there’s not an awful lot that can be done about it.

Sierra, a seventeen year-old student at St. Joseph’s High School, has a condition known as osteogenesis imperfecta, which is characterized by an extreme fragility of the bones.  So a lot of what we take for granted in the world of everyday activities is a source of risk for Sierra, who must navigate through life with an eye out for possible dangers that lay in her path.  What may be a simple stumble for most of us can be something more serious for her.

It’s not like she walks through life on eggshells, though, as she’s determined to do the things she wants to, even if it might result in potential injury.  For Sierra, the risks are higher, and perhaps the rewards are as well. Continue reading “JAGUAR STUDENT READY TO RUN”


Grade 10 civics students build “bee hotels”

Students of Mr. Gravelle’s CHV20 Civics class have been using their class time towards the bees the past two weeks. The bees are in danger of extinction which is caused by bee-killing pesticides and are linked to industrial agriculture, parasites/pathogens and climate change. Tanton Landriault and Cole McKee have built the ” bee hotels” that provides a home for the bees. Jolie Brisco helped with the installation of the bee hotels along with Tanton Landriault and Cole McKee.





Grade 10 civics class builds St. Joseph’s High School garden

Mr. Gravelle’s grade 10 civics class is planting a range of vegetables beside portable 1 at St. Joseph’s High School. The class will be planting many seeds such as onions, carrots, beets, lettuce and peas. Mr. Agnesi, the foods teacher, says that he is planning on using the garden vegetables for the free lunch available for  St. Joseph’s High School students Tuesdays and Thursdays and for a monthly soup kitchen held at Our Lady of Fatima Elementary School. The planting was overseen by community volunteer Ed Goddard who taught the students how to garden vegetables. This was a great opportunity for the civics class to become civically engaged and to take action in their local community.


– Eric Davidson

Grade 10 Dress Rehearsal

Today was the dress rehearsal for the Grade 10 Drama class at St. Joseph’s High School. The students are performing “Superheroes Unite!” which is a story of a group of rather odd wannabee superheros who are trying out in an audition to be the patron superhero of nova city, when a villain shows up and forces them to work together in order to stop him and his plot to end nova city.SUPERHERO

The students dress rehearsal was for the Grade 8’s, which was a group of around 60 students. It turned out well with only a few hiccups that will be ironed out for the final production tomorrow night!

The final production will start around 7:30 tomorrow, and will end between 8:30-9:00, so come on down to see what these inspiring actors and actresses are bringing to life. The only cost St. Joseph is asking for, is a donation which will go to paying for the props, customs, makeup and other expenses.


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Written By: Matthew Ripmeester

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