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On Wednesday, October 10th, 2018, grade 8 students at Saint Joseph’s Catholic High School traveled to Shaw Woods Outdoor Education Centre. They were involved in the “Reach Program” which showed them different leadership and group work skills. They were also involved in a number of activities that helped them with these skills.

When the students got there they were arranged into several equal groups, each had its own colour and each had 2 group leaders. The group leaders were all grade 11 students from SJHS, and they were in charge of showing the grade 8 students where to go, and watched over them. They also helped with the activities and making sure the kids understood what was happening. Continue reading “GRADE 8 REACH PROGRAM”

Renfrew Food Bank Food Drive

Image result for canned goodsOctober 3 to October 12, St. Joseph Catholic High School students once again have done a food drive for the local food bank.  

This had been done by bringing non-perishable food items to the school and giving them to the first period teacher so the teacher could give them into the donation box.  This is done to show the kindness from our school to the community.

I asked guidance counselor Mrs. Pender and principal Mr. Trainor  about what they think the outcome would be on donating all this food to the local food bank would be. Continue reading “Renfrew Food Bank Food Drive”


Former Jaguar Sonya Bergin was back here at St.Joseph’s on September 23 to learn more about the teaching environment. As a part of the Concurrent Education program at Nipissing University, she is required to select a school to spend 30 hours inside a classroom observing classes, learning more about the basics of education, and professionalism.

C66C74BE-3C01-4525-BA4B-7F38F5868A21Bergin spent the day in class with Mr.Jones. This was a great placement for her, as she enjoys classes where you can express creativity. “It was really great having Sonya in the classroom” said Mr.Jones. “She is really a part of the St.Joseph’s family. Continue reading “FORMER STUDENT IS BACK AT ST.JOSEPH’S, BUT FROM A NEW PERSPECTIVE”

Senior Boys Volleyball- Jags and Falcons Battle it Out in The Jag Den

Andrew Searson and Bryn O’Neil block a volley from the opposing team.

In support of the SJHS senior boys volleyball team, many students of St. Joe’s High School gathered in the gymnasium Tuesday, September 25th to cheer on the team and enjoy some live sports entertainment. And an entertaining game it was. Starting with a four-point streak, the boys led an intense 3 sets, challenging the opposing Fellowes Falcons, and eventually pulled through to beat the Falcons with a score of 2 sets to 1.

The Jags conquered the opposition in the first set with a score of 25 to 13. Beautifully executed serves and strong spikes led the team to victory over FHS.

Both teams called a time-out at the 24:23 mark in the second set, Jags leading, as the atmosphere in the Den grew heavier and the crowd sat in anticipation. SJHS needed only one more point to pull ahead, and Fellowes needed one to tie the set. The intensity favoured the Jags as the Falcons failed to make the ball over the net, changing the score to a tight 25:23, but nonetheless a victory for the team.

Already having won two sets, the Jags knew they had already conquered the visiting team. However, the Falcons produced a reverse score of set two, winning 25:23 over the Jags in yet again a very tight score, displaying both the teams’ dedication and careful execution of each strategy.

Thanks to everyone who came out and showed their support to the team. SJHS hopes to see another great turnout next game, and for a successful season for the boys.

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