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Lakehead University at St Joes

On Tuesday November 14, St. Joes welcomed a Lakehead University representative to talk about what the school has to offer. Grade 12s interested in attending the university were called to the conference room at 1:30 for a presentation lead by a former student.

During the presentation, students were told what Lakehead has to offer in relation to programs, courses, along with how signing up and how university/college will work. Going in depth to explain programs that the students could be signing up for.

“I knew going to grade 12 that I wanted to go to university but I didn’t really know what it would be like,” Says Samantha Daynes, a student who attended the presentation. “The presentation was very informative and it definitely helps me with the big choice of which universities to apply for.”

But with a lower than usual turn up, as a whole it lasted approximately half an hour. This time was spent looking through and explaining the view book, along with questions and acquired tips.

For example, getting to know the people who work at the school, so you get on their ‘radar’ and when you ask for something or for help, they know who you are.

“I would highly recommend going to any college/university presentations available because although you may be able to get the information online and through a view book, listening to a former student talk about all the reasons they love their school is really helpful.”

So, if you are a grade 12 student, wondering about college/university and what choices there are, or a grade 11 student curious about next year, check the St. Joseph’s announcements or website for post secondary schooling presentations.


The Art Club

Do you love art, and want to show off your art to your friends and family? Then join the St Joes Art Club! For little more than a year now, St. Joes has been offering a chance to learn more artistic techniques with the St. Joes Art Club. Many artists from varying abilities have joined the art club to show their potential, and practice with fellow students in an accepting, social setting.

The art club is a creation by Miss Cobus, a previous art teacher at St. Joes. She wanted to give kids who aren’t in art class a chance to work on their art with a certified art teacher, and other students to further their artistic ability. Everyone is accepted into the art club, no matter their artistic ability.

Jacqueline Thaci has been a part of the art club since it was first introduced at the school. “People should join because we do all kinds of different art projects for the school and for ourselves whenever we want to, and it justs a lot of fun. You get to work with other people.”

The art club offers students chances to get volunteer hours when they contribute to the creative appeal of the school. St Joes wants to encourage their students to show their creativity and contribute to their school and community. The art club created a variety of artistic showcases that get displayed in the school throughout the year.

“We created the Halloween table that’s in the town square with inspirational quotes and pumpkins on it, and we also fixed up all the boards in the cafeteria.”

Art club will continue to go on every Tuesday at lunch in room 205 and is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to learn and have fun. Anyone who wants to show their creativity has the ability to further their artistic interests.

The Renfrew Timberwolves

On Friday, November 10th, at 8:00 pm, the Renfrew Junior B Timberwolves hit the ice in a game hosting the Alexandria Glens at the Mateway Activity centre. This was the first game the boys played since the tragic accident that occurred on October 27th, taking the lives of two players and severely injuring two others. This game was be in honour of #65, Brandon Hanniman, an RCI student, and #88, Alex Paquette, a St. Joe’s student. The other boys in the accident, Ben Scheuneman and Jake McGrimmon were not playing.

The game entry cost $8.00 for an adult, and $5 for any student and senior to get in. All proceeds went towards the Scheuneman family, which totaled to around $10,000. Jerseys #65 and #88 were raised in honour of Hanniman and Paquette.

“The boys stood around the painted numbers in their unity circle. The hall was open upstairs for the reception,” said the team. “This is a Celebration of Life for the boys.”

Balloons Released in Honour of Alex Paquette and Brandon Hanniman

Students of SJHS came together last friday on the soccer field to let balloons go to honour Alex Paquette and Brandon Hanniman, who passed away in a tragic car crash on October 27, 2017. The students filled the balloons with their favourite memories with the boys. The balloons were blue and yellow, the colors of the Renfrew Timberwolves Junior B hockey team.

Both of the boys played on the team and later that evening there was a game in Brandon and Alex’s name. The boys have their initials marked on the ice as well as their numbers. Before the game started they played a song for both of the boys,

Every seat in the arena was taken on Friday. People were also standing along the glass, and upstairs. They raised over $10,000 and all proceeds were being donated to the Scheuneman family to help Ben, who is in the hospital recovering. Jacob McGrimmon is doing well and at home.

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