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Coffee House


Come on by, grab a hot drink, and watch some local talent from St. Joseph’s, being preformed before your very eyes.

Today is St. Joseph’s annual spring Coffee House, and for this year it’s Star Wars themed! There’s several acts being preformed by the students of St. Joseph. Also at the coffee house the St. Joseph’s Jazz Band will be performing Counting Stars, Hey Taxi, and Happy, after many hours of practicing for this event.

The Coffee House will be starting at 7pm tonight, and ending around 9, we encourage everyone to come see all the talent on stage tonight. There will also be coffee and tea being served during the performances.

May The Fourth be with you!

Written By: Matthew Ripmeester and Mercedes Malone

P.J. Day

IMG_2098For this day of the Spirit Week at St. Joseph’s, the students are showing spirit through the theme of P.J.’s. Our students are staying cozy today in fuzzy onesies, and lazy day sweats. It’s the most relaxing day of this Spirit Week, and the one that is most participated in.

Be prepared for tomorrows Spirit Day, the students have to wear their house colours (Grade 12’s-Black, 11’s-Grey, 10’s-Green, 9’s-Blue, 8’s-Pink) There will be an amazing race in the afternoon and other fun activities in the morning, as well as a the student council speeches. During the 3rd period is St. Joseph’s student counsil election, where the students will be choosing the next group of students to be their voice for next school year.

Written By: Matthew Ripmeester and Mercedes Malone

Dress To Impress

IMG_0989Dress To Impress is the theme of the third day of the Spirit Week at St. Joseph. The students have decided to show their school spirit by dressing to impress, not only in style but in spirit as well.

It’s exciting to get a glimpse into how some students might be in the near future, whether it be for jobs or day-to-day, someday every student will have dressed to impress world.

The next day of this Spirit Week is a comfy one, P.J. Day. We’re hoping to see many students in their fuzziest of P.J.s and ready to chill.

Written By: Matthew Ripmeester

Twin Day

IMG_4562 2It’s the Second Day of St. Joseph’s thrilling Spirit Week.┬áThe theme for today, is Twin Day!

The students dressed up their spirit with their look alike and their besties. The students had a field day with their outfits and their friends to perform such spirit. There were even a couple of large groups who got together to organize how they were going to show their spirit for this day of Spirit Week.

The amount of friends showing their spirit together is inspiring. Cant wait to see everyone tomorrow with the next spirit day, and its theme is Dress-To-Impress!

Written By: Matthew Ripmeester

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